Here’s a roundup of the 3 best iPhone mounts

Have you ever noticed that more and more professionals are turning to iPhones to do their photography? Instead of dragging around a bulky standalone camera, many videographers and photographers now just use their iPhones. There are however two additional items they tend to use – mounts and lens extensions. In this article specifically we’ll focus on identifying the best iPhone mounts.

A professional mount is absolutely crucial to create professional looking photos. So, choose one from the list below and get ready to fill your digital albums with better photography and video.

The greatest advantage of having an iPhone is the possibility to quickly and easily share photos from your albums. That’s why smartphones are very convenient for taking photos and shooting videos for both personal and business needs. Their only downside is that they don’t fit on a regular camera tripod.

What are the best iPhone mounts?

There is no one best mount, in fact there’s quite a few great products. There is no iphone tripod review that can tell you exactly what to buy. This is why I do a recommend a couple, and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Joby GorillaPod

Joby’s tripod is available in two sizes. Thanks to its adjustable grips, it can be used for nearly any smartphone, with or without a case. The internal steel springs allow this mount to expand to the size of your device and grip it. GorillaPod’s rubber grip pads make sure that your phone stands in place, even when you turn it sideways.

This stand is designed with over 24 flexible leg joints which are easy to wrap since they bend and rotate 360 degrees. They tackle any terrain and provide you with precise control for taking photos and shooting videos. You can easily stabilize your camera on uneven terrains and position the screen to catch the best perspective.

Tripod with smartphone

Its 180-degree leveling head lets you shoot in portrait or landscape mode, while capturing 360-degree pan and 135-degree tilt. Thanks to the smooth pan and tilt, your video will be shake free. Another good thing about the GorillaPad is the possibility to use the tripod and the mount separately. The video tripod works with any small camcorder, while the mount is compatible with any other tripod.

GorillaPod’s rubber magnetic feet are designed to hold on to metal surfaces such as poles and fences. Thanks to the durable polycarbonate-ABS plastic construction with steel internal structure, you can use it every day, in any way you like. The versatility of this tripod is what ranks it among the best iPhone mounts you can find.

GorillaPod lets you take your creativity to the next level with a variety of options to position your phone. You can now shoot from any perspective you like, or use the tripod to comfortably watch a video. The tripod provides all the flexibility you need to make phone photography easy and fun.

Kenu Stance

The best part about this iPhone mount is its size. Reviewers often describe it as “smaller than a pack of gum and weighing in at a mere 1.2 ounces.” At 3.1 inches, it weighs just 34 grams, so it’s both compact and very easy to use. You can take it with you on day trips, holidays, concerts… Anytime you want to capture precious moments in high quality.

Aside from being easy to transport, Kenu Stance is easy to set up as well. It plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port and provides a secure fit. It also works perfectly with the latest iPhone camera features. With Kenu Stance, you can take full advantage of panorama, time-lapse, 240fps slow motion, and other iPhone camera features.

Holder for smartphone

Thanks to the 360-degree rotating ball and socket joint, you can easily pick the perfect angle with your iPhone. This tripod’s legs and rotating head offer many possibilities for experimentation. With its specially designed non-slip feet, Kenu Stance is the perfect platform for taking photos and videos on any surface.

Since you can fold its legs to lay them flat, you can quickly and easily switch the position of your phone from landscape to portrait and vice versa. It gives you the opportunity to use your phone for taking photos, watching or shooting videos, or typing. From what I’ve seen, Kenu Stance is the perfect iPhone accessory for making breathtaking photos and videos.

One of the features that distinguish this pocket tripod iPhone accessory from the competition is its bottle opener. That’s right, Kenu Stance comes with a built-in bottle opener. I guess that’s one of the reasons I just couldn’t leave it out of the best iPhone mounts list.

Pocket Tripod

With 11.3 grams (0.4 oz) of weight and 2.3mm of thickness, the Pocket Tripod is probably the smallest iPhone tripod on the market. What’s even more interesting, this is probably the only tripod that has just two legs. The Pocket Tripod iPhone stand can fit in your wallet since it’s as thin as two credit cards.

Aside from being practical, this iPhone mount has a precise angle adjustment that can be matched only by full-size photography tripods. It’s the only stand of its size that can adjust to any angle without obstructing your screen. It also lifts your phone off the surface so you don’t have to worry about accidents such as spills. All this makes it perfect for both watching and shooting videos.

Make sure you choose from the best iphone mounts

The circular rails of the Pocket Tripod can articulate to any angle with several clever twists and folds. A combination of four continuous 90° sweeps can hold your phone from literally any angle. It can also split into two halves for shooting in landscape. This robust iPhone mount is durable, since it’s made of high-tech plastic.

Pocket Tripod has been designed to last, while providing maximum functionality. Each of its units is individually tested to ensure the product’s quality. You can’t go wrong if you use this mount. You can quickly and easily adjust it to hold your phone in any direction and angle.

What if you already have a camera tripod?

If you have an old camera tripod at home, all you need to do is learn how to put an iPhone on a tripod. There are some practical DIY solutions for this which you can find online. One DIY solution that caught my eye consists of connecting a tripod and a car mount. If you have the time and will to make the effort, you can make an iPhone tripod that will match even the best iPhone mounts.

Take a car smartphone holder. It’s best if it comes with a thin metal mounting bracket. Bend the bracket so that you can use it to attach the phone holder to the tripod. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the bracket. Use the 1/4 inch standard threaded hex nut to mount the phone holder to the tripod. Now, insert the phone and you are done! You can start shooting your video!

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