New online photo sharing app caters to older generation

A Cult of Mac article titled Leave Instagram to the kids. This photo app is for an older generation introduces Sherish as a new online photo sharing app that appeals to an older generation with its simple interface and privacy features.

Sherish interface

“Simple options for creating albums makes photos easy to find, share and store.”

The article points out how there are thousands of photos apps to choose from, a particularly maddening scenario for older generations who just want one that simply works well. They may enjoy the ease of a smartphone camera, but they just want to share their pictures with a few select people without all the extra options.

Sherish was developed for the older user who just wants a few functions, a couple of screens, easy album management and, of course, privacy.

Sherish works for you from the background. It automatically backs up your photos and allows you to be selective about who sees your photographs; you select which contacts can view your photos and Sherish will send an email alert that new images can be viewed. Recipients do not need a Sherish account in order to view the photos.

Sherish contacts

According to Sherish co-founder Jared Brown, the demographic of ages 45 and above don’t have ingrained habits, and want a few automated features but generally appreciate keeping things simple. Alan Stanford, who had the original idea for Sherish, approached Brown because he wanted a photo app that had simple navigation, a few screens and safe, accessible storage.

Sherish has unlimited storage space and automatically stores your images in the same resolution you uploaded them in (no compression or alterations). Your photos are automatically backed up on the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing them again and can access pics from any device by just logging in to Sherish. You can designate which friends and family you want to share images with, and usage will not be tracked, profiled or subjected to advertising.

Sherish also has an option to attach a recording or voice note to different images, integrates with Dropbox and social media sites, and users can send their images to the nearest Walgreens to have pictures printed.


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