How to organize digital pictures: 4 Quick ways

how to organize digital pictures - create albums with good software

Chances are that you most likely have an excessive number of photos scattered around on your iPhone, PC or laptop. If this is the case, you probably wish there were easier ways to organize your photos. In an ideal world you’d just think about a fun vacation or event, and instantly have the associated photographs pop up on your computer screen.

While instant retrieval is best left to sci-fi, good organization can come pretty close to it. Even though it might sound like a lot of work, organizing photos is essential if you want to be able to remind the ones you love of all the wonderful memories you’ve shared together.

Most of us enjoy taking pictures, storing them and reliving the special moments, but we hate having to flip through thousands of photos to find the right ones. And even if we find them, we hate having to guess the year or location. So, how can you organize and store digital photos without spending a lot of time and energy? Read on and you’ll soon know the best ways to do it.

How to organize digital pictures

Here are a few tips for you on how to make digital photo organization much easier.

learn how to organize digital pictures

1. Import your digital photo files wisely

In order to learn how to organize digital pictures, you need to start by sorting out photos as soon as you take them. It’s always good to know that all photos have tags that can be easily assigned to a certain time period, location or event. When naming your photos, try to ensure that the name/label will make sense to you months, or even years in the future.

Organizing your photos when you first import them from your smartphone or camera is also very important. For example, when you import photos from your parents’ anniversary, it is advisable to include the name of the event and the date in the file name. A few years later, the file name will make sense if you save it and have it labeled with specific tags, such as mom, dad, anniversary, January, 2015… This also applies to birthdays and holidays.

It is crucial to keep in mind that when naming files for Mac and Windows, they should not be longer than 260 characters. This number includes the file extension characters which apply to files automatically (JPG, RAW). Also, Mac and Windows don’t accept characters such as * : ? \ / > <” in a file name.

2. Using geo-tags will help you organize your photos in no time

Geo-tags can surely make organizing photos easy and fun. They show the exact location (GPS) where a certain photo was taken. For example, if you took about fifty photos while traveling through Italy, chances are that you won’t always be able to guess the exact location after a while. This happens each time we take photos of places that look similar, such as sandy beaches, islands or city streets. Looking at the geo-tag will help you identify the location instantly.

how to organize digital pictures - geotags

When organizing smartphone photos, the process is slightly different. Since most people now use smartphones to take photos, most do not bother to upload and classify pictures on a daily basis. However, unless the geo-tag feature is specifically disabled, most smartphones will automatically tag each of the photos. This feature makes it easy to organize photos later on because it sorts all photos from a specific location, or time, according to your preferences.

Tagging smartphone photos can be helpful if you tag your pictures by the subject of the photo and sort them accordingly. This is a useful tip, mostly because sorting them by time or date might not mean a lot to you after a while.

3. Facial recognition always comes in handy when organizing photos        

If your camera (or your PC’s photo organization software) supports a facial recognition feature, you are one step closer to organizing your photos more quickly and more efficiently. Once the face-recognition software identifies photos of individuals by their face, the rest of the job is fairly simple and easy. If you want to create a collage with photos of your children, the software will do it for you. That way, you won’t have to spend an entire weekend trying to find photos of them on your computer or laptop.

4. Create photo albums

If you are still wondering how to organize digital photos on your computer, this tip will surely help you sort out your significant photo collection in a matter of minutes.

how to organize digital pictures - create albums with good software

Since you probably want to keep pictures stored together, you should create picture sets and albums. These sets can be part of an album, or you can have each set can be an album on its own. Creating albums is the easiest way to organize your photos. Typically, photo albums are grouped by date. For further classification of your photos, you can use some of the other tips mentioned in this article.

Don’t forget to immediately delete photos that you don’t like 

Regardless of the method you use to organize your numerous photos, it’s always good to immediately delete the ones you don’t like. If you have taken five nearly identical photos of one person or object, but only one stands out, delete the other four. It’s even better to delete photos as you take them, but only if you are sure that they aren’t as good as you like them. This strategy makes photo organization much easier later on.

What makes Sherish so useful

The idea of digital photo organization may seem overwhelming without having the best digital photo software available. Even if you are an expert in organizing photos, sometimes it gets challenging to find enough storage for all of them. This is where Sherish comes into play.

Sherish allows you to preserve all your photos and store your sets and albums in the Sherish iPhone app. You can free up extra space on your laptop and access all of your beautiful photos through your Sherish account.

Even if you don’t know much about how to organize digital pictures, you have nothing to worry about. Sherish can help you have an organized and easily manageable photo collection.

By using some of the core features in Sherish (like geo-tags and date stamps) or some of the more advanced ones (facial recognition), you can sort out your pictures more easily. That way, you’ll be able to access them whenever you wish.

Sherish helps you apply all of the previously listed tips and strategies in an easy and effortless way.

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