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Joyful events and occasions give you a perfect opportunity to create pleasant memories for generations to come. You’ll get a chance to take all kinds of photos: funny, romantic or even embarrassing moment captured for eternity. Then the best part; you can share these moments afterwards. And the easiest way to share photos is by using a group photo sharing app.

group photo sharing app, wedding photo sharing apps A group photo sharing app allows users to share photos from their wedding, birthday parties or other special occasions, easily and quickly. Close friends or relatives will always have many interesting photos to share with each other, once the event is over.

Photo sharing apps are valuable for anyone who thinks collecting photos from events challenging and exhausting. The right app can make the process simple, painless and fun.

However, there is something that’s even more challenging than collecting all of the photos in the first place. You must ensure that the photos are shared privately and painlessly, and only with the right people.

The Sherish group photo sharing app is built to ensure safety and privacy

If you enjoy taking photos, you probably enjoy sharing them as well. However, it’s rare nowadays for someone to gather prints of photos to create a physical photo album. Instead, most people usually share photos digitally via social media or a photo sharing app.

As more and more people stop carrying heavy, old-fashioned cameras around, mobile photo sharing apps are gaining popularity. People now prefer using their smartphones to take photos, so it is essential to have an adequate image sharing app.

group-photo-sharing-appSherish is a private photo sharing app that allows you to invite a group of friends or family members and only share memories with them. For example, you can utilize private group photo sharing features, whereby you define a group that has viewing permissions.

You get the full benefits of password protected photo sharing. This means that you don’t have to worry about your photos being seen by anyone other than the people who are explicitly allowed to do so. This is very important in terms of protecting the user’s privacy, especially when it comes to sharing photos of their children.

A members only group photo sharing app allows only invited users to view and upload photos to albums. You can pick your closest friends or relatives to check out your wedding photos or pictures of your growing family. It’s a secure and effective way to keep your photos safe and keep others from viewing photos that may contain sensitive information.

Use Sherish to avoid over-sharing and preserve your privacy

Since most people spend more than a few hours every day on the various social media platforms, they tend to over-share photos with others. Some of these photos may contain sensitive information (location and daily routines) of their youngest family members, and other things that should only be available to certain people. We surely don’t want to share such information with people we don’t actually know or like, right?

According to the latest studies, parents upload approximately two hundred photos of their children every year. Not all of these photos are shared privately and safely, since many parents don’t even check the privacy settings before sharing their latest photos. This is where Sherish can help.

private photo sharing apps, group photo sharing appSherish is all about preserving your privacy. It helps parents share photos of their children without having to worry about them being unsafe. The Sherish app allows you to share photos with unlimited storage space. You can abolish photo permissions anytime and maintain complete control over the people who are allowed to see your pictures.

The Sherish app provides you with continuous privacy tracking on everything you share, receive and save. Apart from using it on Windows, Linux or a Mac, you can also enjoy iOS photo sharing. The iOS app has a fully loaded set of features that allow you to define exactly whom you are sharing photos with. This is not available with any of the built in iOS apps, or any of the more popular photo sharing apps found in apple devices.

The Sherish mobile app can connect and import photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and other similar social media platforms and services. After importing, you can view, tag and share your photos painlessly and effortlessly with Sherish.

Users create a private Sherish account instead of having to login with Facebook or other platforms as an added layer of security. Sherish automatically creates backups of your photos that can be accessed on your hard drive or via your Sherish account. The app enables users to store, browse and share photos without being targeted or tracked.

Using Sherish is fun!

Using Sherish is lots of fun! It offers numerous ways to access and view photos. This fun-to-use app allows you to browse different collections of photos and create different albums (manually or automatically). You can also add a comment or a voice memo to any photo.

Sherish can also protect your old photo prints. Just scan your photos and copy them to a CD, then import them to the Sherish app using the desktop uploader. Your old prints will be safe, backed up and secure.

Last but not least, you can share your photos with non-Sherish users via URLs, which makes the app useful and practical. You don’t all have to have Sherish in order to enjoy the photo sharing and privacy it offers. Once your photos are stored, an email alert is sent to the people of your choice, inviting them to view the photos.

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