The importance of photo privacy

A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying is especially true when it comes to social media, and should serve as both a reminder and a warning. When you post a picture on your social media sites, whether it is of your children, your grandkids, your new apartment setup or even a new car, you may be unknowingly giving out personal information that should be kept private.

According to a recent study on “sharenting,” more than 50 percent of parents share information on social media that could lead to their children’s location. Whether it is in the background of a photo, a seemingly-innocent caption, or a tag, this information could potentially be used to locate your child’s whereabouts. The implications are endless, but we can assume many social media users also post images and captions that can be used to find out where their families live, where their children go to school, and much more that should be kept private for safety reasons.

You should not have to choose between privacy and security, they must both be readily available by default. Ideally, every business that takes your information and puts it online should have photo privacy as a main concern (especially since it’s nearly impossible to erase any information that was made public on the Internet). However, this is not the case. That’s why Sherish was developed.

Sherish is an app that allows users to share their photos securely via the app, SMS or email. You specify exactly who has permissions to view your photos and can revoke access at any time, so you remain in control even after you hit “send.”

Take control of your pictures in 4 easy steps.

  1. Download and create an account on Sherish
  2. Sync your accounts and pull all your pictures from social media accounts or local storage
  3. Add optional audio notes to individual pictures
  4. Use folders and tags to organize photos and find them easily later on
  5. Share your pictures privately with the people you love

Sherish will handle the rest, including…

  • Backing up your photos regularly
  • Removing duplicate photos
  • Ensuring your photos stay private and secure

View a complete list of Sherish features here.

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