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Mom always told me that organization is a part of success. Everything in this world has its own place and if you know where to find and how to use what you are looking for, then achieving your goals will happen naturally. However,  it is hard to keep your life in order all the time. Sometimes you need a rest where you can just relax and have fun. Of course you would like to share those sweet moments with your family and friends, but what do you have to do first? That’s right, organizing them.  It will be easier for you find and show your favorite pictures to loved ones with proper organization.

Organizing yourself and everything around you is not that easy, especially in our hectic, fast-paced society. We drink eat and drink on the go, make appointments on the go, even do our makeup and hair in our car mirrors. So, how can we organize and share pictures on the go? It is very simple if you have Sherish App for iPhone.

If you are in a hurry and you don’ t have time to use your home computer, login to your Sherish online account and choose photos you want to print.  If it sounds complex don’t worry, because the only thing you need is your iphone with Sherish App and this set of simple instructions.

  1. Login to the Sherish Photo App for iPhone. If you have used your Sherish online account, then it is the same login information. If you accidentally forgot your password, click on Forgot Password option and follow the instructions how to reset it. If you did not Log Out from the previous session then you will see the Sherish App User Interface.
    IMG_2866 IMG_2867
  2. Now you are ready to choose photos for printing.

If you want to print only one picture:

  1. In order to find a desired photo you can scroll pictures to the left/right on the Application’s main page.
  2. When you found the picture you want to print, tap it to select.
  3. On the upper right corner of your phone’s screen you will see Print icon, which is next to Person icon. Clink on the printer icon and you will see the option Print to Walgreens.
  4. Click on the provided printing option and follow the instruction how to place a photo order at Walgreens and where you can pick it up.

If you want to print several pictures at once:

  1. In order to choose several pictures at once you have to open your Menu (3 horizontal lines in the upper-left corner) and go to Timeline
  2. Click on the month folder where the favorite photos you would like to print are located.IMG_2878
  3. Click and hold on the photo that you want to print. The blue circle with check mark inside will show up on that photo. All other photos will have just empty circles.
  4. Now scroll up/down to find other photos you want to print and just click on them so blue circle appears.
  5. When you chose all photos you can tap the rectangular Print button on the lower right corner of your iPhone’s screen.
  6. You will be automatically redirected to the Walgreens photo order page. Follow the instructions to place an order and to choose pick up location.

Now, thanks to the Sherish iPhone app,  you only need to pick them up to share with family and friends at home or on the go.


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