There is always place for your photos

We all know that emotional moment when you gather with your family and close friends at the dinner table all together. While everyone is having a good time, you realize that it is a great moment for you to take a picture. You grab your camera, find a perfect angle, call everyone to pay attention and smile, count till three and … BAM!!! It is impossible to take another picture because there is not enough space on your memory card!


What? How is it even possible?!

For the person who unconditionally loves taking numerous pictures in order to preserve every memorable moment, it is easy to forget about saving a couple of free megabytes to take another shot. The solution is obvious–delete some photos and videos from your camera and get some more space.

But how can you, as a passionate photographer, say “goodbye” to all those pictures you took and had a long-term connection with? You are looking through your entire photo gallery and realize how many moments in your life were not saved and shared with your friends and loved ones, using a cool photo sharing app like Sherish. And now those pictures will be gone forever without being noticed. That just doesn’t seem right, does it?

No reason to panic for those who have a Sherish account, though, because you have access to unlimited storage. Desktop Uploader is a companion application that allows you to keep and import not only photos from your iPhone, but also photos saved on your computer, photos taken with DSLR or point-and-shoot cameras, and any other photos stored on your hard drive.

Sherish automatically uploads your phone’s camera roll to your Sherish account, making it safe for you to clear out space once your queue is clear (see the Viewing the Queue section of the How to personalize your Sherish account post for more information). But before you can import your photos from your computer to Sherish, you need to install the Sherish Desktop Uploader.

If you are a Mac user the installation process will only take five minutes of your time. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Desktop Uploader from
  2. Open the Recent Downloads folder by double-clicking the icon.
  3. Drag the Sherish icon to your application folder.
  4. If you were not automatically redirected to the Applications folder, then open the folder manually by clicking on the Applications icon.
  5. Find the Sherish icon and double click it to start the app.
  6. Click the Sherish icon you see in the top-right corner of your menu bar.
  7. Enter your email address and password that you used to create your account in the Sherish iPhone App.
  8. Select a folder that contains your photos, and then Sherish will begin to upload them automatically. If you have several folders with photos, then simply click on the Sherish icon and choose Folders Manager, where you can add and remove folders with your photos.
    FoldersM Folders_manager
  9. You also can set up preferences, such as show notifications, auto-check for updates, and import from iPhoto. Simply click on the sherish icon and choose Preferences.
    PreferencesDrop Preferences

Now, that you are familiar with Sherish Desktop Uploader and you have added folders’ worth of pictures, you can finally make the free space for new photos of important moments in your life. Don’t delay! Go take a picture!

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