You can easily share photos or albums with only those you trust!

Keeping warmIsn’t it enjoyable to share a photo? Realizing this, we made it easy to use Sherish to safely share a picture, or even a whole album of pictures, with anyone in your personal network. It’s a “swipe up to share” and then one tap to send a link to your photo or album to the designated person or group in your personal network.

For more information on sharing photos and albums in Sherish, including step-by-step instructions, see the blog post titled Best iPhone app for sharing photos with people you love. You can find more helpful how-tos to help you use the many features of the Sherish photo sharing app by visiting the Sherish Support Site.

I hate to think what would happen if my pictures leaked to the world because I didn’t set my privacy settings correctly on my social networks. Even if I mastered the privacy settings, once the pictures are shared, there is no way of knowing where they will be forwarded or found years later by an admissions officer or employer. That’s why we designed the Sharing feature in Sherish the way we did.

I used my contact list on my iPhone to set up my network with both individual and groups that appear whenever I want to share something. My groups are probably like yours – my son and daughter, individually and with their families, all of them together as a group, and a few friends who are special. For the one-off photos, I can tap in an individual’s name or scroll through my Contacts to find who I’m looking for.

What’s also neat is that the person or group I share with doesn’t have to be a Sherish member. They get an email or SMS message with access to the photo or album I shared, and they can automatically get new photos I add to albums if I let them. So all I have to do to share a new photo with some or all of my family are simple taps.

Please learn more about Sherish, try using it, and let me know your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Alan Stanford, Founder and Chairman

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